work, school, life, they all suck.

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I am 20 years young, working a dead-end minimum-wage job and seeing nothing that I want to happen with my life.

I had all these big plans to travel, see the world, get a good job, attend and finish college, be in a relationship; but none has happened. I travel about once per year, which is for thanksgiving down in Orlando. This doesn’t count as a vacation for me because the entirety of the trip is spent arguing with family. The only world I’ve seen is the eastern coast of Australia, the eastern coast of the USA, and England (Thankfully I just bought tickets to Thailand; save for a later post).

I work between 40-70 hours a week making minimum wage and dealing with rude customers; and the occasional nice ones. This job has little to no movement within its ranks due to seniority amongst the current employees (talking each 15+ years with the company), and its a headache. Management doesn’t care about its employees, corporate tries to get to know you but to them they only care about how efficiently you affect their bottom line.

College I spent 2 semesters wasting away and gained a $6000 loan in the process, yay higher education. in order to complete my Associates, I would need another year, 2 semesters, and another $6000. but this wouldn’t even give me a ledge to stand on against the other 4 million new degree holders each year. In order to really stand out, I would need a slew of community service, internships, and a masters at the least, not to mention it would cost me over $30,000 a year. 2 years for an Associates; $60K. 4 years for a Bachelors; 120K. 6 years for a Masters; 200K (Masters courses cost more). and 6-8 years for a Doctorates; Astronomical.

To me college doesn’t make sense at this point in my life, I’m not looking to accrue over $100K in debt to pay it off over the next 30 years, while trying to travel, have a home, have a car, have a family. Unfortunately my parents make too much as per the State of New York that I do not qualify for anything through the government.

Either ay my life isn’t going anywhere big at the moment, so I might as well make the most of it while I can.


And on that note, I have already failed at taking a photo a day and its only been a week.

Until next time! Enjoy the experience!

Emily Rose

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